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Science + Research

You deserve the best. That’s why we have included safety, stability and durability as important design criteria. CoreChair has been designed, engineered and BIFMA tested to exceed one million extreme capacity cycles (exceeding industry standard) ensuring a long, active and dependable life that CoreChair supports with a 12 year warranty. Don't let it's modest appearance fool you -- there is advanced technology built into CoreChair.


Anatomy of CoreChair 


Ongoing research at esteemed institutions continue to validate the safety and benefits of the CoreChair.  Some of the studies completed to date include:

University of Waterloo

Dr. Callaghan’s research compared the posture of individuals sitting in the CoreChair versus a traditional office task chair. as well as a comparison between CoreChair and a properly fitted exercise ball in the recruitment of core stabilizing muscles. 

The outcomes concluded that CoreChair is just as effective at providing general postural support while being significantly more effective in providing pelvic support and preventing slumping of the pelvis and ascending spine. CoreChair was also determined to be equal to an exercise ball in the ability to recruit core stabilizing muscles thereby showing that the CoreChair is more efficient at introducing desired movement and an exercise opportunity, while providing optimal support.

           University of Guelph

Dr Leah Bent and her team determined that CoreChair was effective in reducing some of the physiological and cognitive outcomes associated with sitting still in traditional office task chairs. 

This four hour duration investigation discovered there was a significant reduction in calf circumference indicative of improved lower extremity blood flow and a significant reduction of errors commissioned utilizing a SART (Sustained Attention to Response Task) suggesting enhanced cognitive function with blood flow.

         Cornell University

Graduate students with guidance from Dr Alan Hedge,  investigated sitting pressure on CoreChair compared to a high end ergonomic office chair and discovered that CoreChair had more evenly dispersed weight thereby significantly lowering pressure points.

          Arizona State University  Mayo Clinic

In pursuit of practical solutions to increase activity in the battle to counteract obesity, Dr Levine and his team measured caloric burn, comparing outcomes of a traditional office task chair and CoreChair.

Results showed that the incidental movement from a CoreChair had a 20% increase in the calories you burn. 

NEAT Certified

The Mayo Clinic's NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certification program looks at solutions that will increase energy expenditure, even at low intensity, long durations, to combat obesity and the harmful physiological outcomes. 


CoreChair BIFMA Testing




To request copies of the full studies, contact CoreChair at info@corechair.com We love to share.