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Personalize Fit

We love that our CoreChair is easy to use with simple, intuitive movements and the ability to select your range of motion! With three quick adjustments, your CoreChair can be set to your ideal height, seat back depth and preferred resistance.



What to Expect


1 Day

 1 Week

1 Month

How exciting! The chair arrives and you eagerly assemble it.  There may be a bit of an adjustment period as you discover your height and fluidity preferences. Engaging inactive muscles may leach you feeling a bit sore during your first week or two on CoreChair. This means you're starting to reap CoreChair's benefits including improved posture and a stronger core! You're off to the races! You now have a good feel for how the chair works and your body has become accustomed to active sitting. Enjoy the next 12+ years in your Chair!


 Satisfaction Guarantee


60 Day Return Policy

We offer a 60 Day Return Policy. If the CoreChair is not everything you hoped for, it can be returned for a full refund – we’ll pay for the shipping too! Please keep the original packaging and contact our customer service team at or call 1.877.300.3797 within 60 days of receiving your chair.

12 Year Warranty

Your CoreChair is warranted against manufacturing defects for a full 12 years. Its structure and mechanisms have been rigorously tested to ensure they will continue to perform under normal conditions. It's that simple. If the chair breaks and it's determined that it was a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your chair. Please note: While this warranty does not include normal wear and tear, we will be pleased to offer you an opportunity to upgrade your components that might be subject to unusual conditions beyond our control at a preferred CoreChair rate. Please note that the user weight limit is 250 pounds.

Free Shipping

CoreChair offers free standard ground shipping on new orders and returns to customers within the 48 Contiguous States and 10 Canadian Provinces.


CoreChair will offer a full refund to all product in like-new condition that are returned in original packaging within 60 days of receipt. In order to ensure your CoreChair returns in like-new condition, you must keep ALL original packaging. If you find that the CoreChair isn't working for you, please contact us by sending an email to or by phone at 1-877-300-3797. 


General Questions

Can I try it before I buy it?

Selecting the right chair is not something that can be accomplished in a brief trial. CoreChair is happy to offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee to allow sufficient time to experience the benefits of this unique sitting solution. Simply purchase the chair and we will ship it at no charge to your door.*

Be sure to keep the original packaging just in case you might want to return and begin your active sitting experience.

If CoreChair does not provide the sitting experience we know it can, contact us and we will assist with any suggestions to optimize fit and function or we will arrange to have the chair picked up and returned, at no cost to you.

In some instances we may have an authorized CoreChair dealer who is able to provide a live demonstration.  Contact us for more details.

*Free shipping is offered for most locations in North America.


Do you offer financing?

CoreChair does offer lease financing within Canada through RBC’s RoyCap to businesses that qualify.


How can I get my boss to consider purchasing CoreChair for the office?

Have us join the conversation.

The CoreChair team would be happy to engage in a discussion on how CoreChair can be part of any workplace wellness program.  We can even share documentation highlighting research validation that speaks to:

  • reduction of back pain,
  • stimulation of metabolism to combat “sitting disease”, 
  • and increased productivity.

Talk to our team about arranging an overview presentation, demonstration of the benefits of CoreChair in an office environment and a quote on volume pricing.


How big is the chair?

The external dimensions of CoreChair are similar to any traditional office chair and will nicely compliment most workstation set up.

The seating surfaces are designed to fit persons who range in size from approximately 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches. Two different height options are available.

View more specifics here (Link to Shop Now page)


How big is the box?

Outer box dimensions are: 25” x 24” x 16”

The weight of the box is 45 pounds.


CoreChair Questions

How does CoreChair compare in quality against my current office chair?

CoreChair has been introduced as a very high quality product supported with a 12 year warranty.

The patented internal mechanism is a highly precision component with a careful eye to final inspection processes to ensure optimal function over time.

The product has been designed, engineered and tested to exceed 1 million cycles using the BIFMA/ ANSI protocol.

All components of the chair are made from recycled or recyclable materials. The seat covers are made from 100% recycled post consumer polyesters (water bottles).


How will the CoreChair interact with my work station?

CoreChair operates optimally when the user assumes a more open hip angle. This means sitting with the chair at a height that results in the knees being lower than the hips. 

The resulting position makes the user sit taller and engaged to their work station. 

Properly adjusted the users arms should hang at their side rather than reaching out to their work surface.

This new sitting height will likely result in the computer monitor being lower than ideal. We recommend that you adjust your monitor height by using a portable desk top sit stand station or a monitor attachment that allows for additional height adjustment. 


How do I know which setting I should use?

CoreChair is designed to  provide an optimally supported sitting posture by embracing the pelvis, and move in all directions up to a safe 14 degrees.

Movement resistance is adjusted very simply and has four settings. 

The highest resistance results in very little movement with more emphasis on postural positioning. 

If you are new to CoreChair, we recommend you begin with the high resistance and ensure that you have achieved the optimal adjustment to optimize your posture.

Intermittent shifting through the day from high to low resistance will begin to demonstrate the feel of the movement.

Most users quickly adjust to the dynamic movement at the low resistance and use this as their default.

The mid range adjustments for resistance are very helpful when you are sitting taller with a more open hip angle (knees below the hips) and avoids the sensation of sliding while maintaining movement in all directions.


How is the CoreChair different from other ergonomic chairs?

Traditional ergonomic office chairs focus more on providing relaxed support and typically commit the user to a one fixed position that diminishes healthy movement. 

Similar to a lounge chair, a traditional chair allows the body to settle into a reclining position which in most cases results in  poor alignment of the users body relative to their work station.

CoreChair promotes optimal sitting posture because it embraces the pelvis with an aggressively shaped seat complimented by snug support at the top of the back of the pelvis, near your belt level. 

With the pelvis supported in this manner, the user experiences a natural balance of their spine from their pelvis to their head. Most people using traditional chairs either perch on the front edge of their seat or completely slump into the tall back, causing excessive demands on their musculoskeletal structure.

CoreChair provides a pivot point immediately beneath the users’ centre of balance which provides natural movement in all directions up to a safe range of 14 degrees. 


Is it an orthopedic chair?

Yes. CoreChair is designed to provide an ideal combination of optimal support and positioning with safe movement. It can be a perfect orthopaedic intervention, supplement to other health care initiatives or even preventative measure.

In contrast to traditional sitting solutions, CoreChair encourages healthy movement which is necessary to provide ideal nutrients to your supportive soft tissues (muscles and ligaments). 

CoreChair has proven to be a very effective contribution to persons with chronic back pain.


What are the features and benefits of CoreChair?

On first glance, CoreChair is the classic, “less is more”. 

Historically, traditional office chairs have included a tall back and arm rests that tend to address symptoms such as fatigue and weakness.

CoreChair has intentionally eliminated these features as research has shown that traditional chairs encourage a sedentary behaviour and contribute to what has become known as, ”the sitting disease”.

The focus of the CoreChair design is the proper position and support of the pelvis and thighs that is taken one step further by introducing fluidic movement of the user.

The intuitive adjustments of this chair are simple and easy to change throughout the day to encourage a variety of positions and activities.


What can I expect after sitting in a CoreChair for a few weeks?

Most people immediately transition to the intended comfort and ride of their CoreChair and experience little if any side affects.

For some, they will notice the results of this new and improved sitting position and the added movement, much like they might after their first few visits to the gym on a new exercise program.

Because the chair positions the user to sit taller and assume an ideal posture, the supportive soft tissues of the core begin to reprogram to accommodate this. 

For those who have realized this initial perceived discomfort, the vast majority report that this discomfort resolves within a few weeks.

For persons who have a chronic back issue arising from a diagnosis such as a herniated disc, strained soft tissues or similar, the reported feedback in most cases are that the position and movement provide very quick relief. In the therapeutic world “motion is lotion”.

There are some individuals who have more significant back issues and have been seeking a solution for quite some time. While CoreChair is an excellent adjunct to a more traditional therapeutic treatment, it should not be considered an alternative. 

At CoreChair we encourage a variety of working positions through the day, from sitting to standing and walking opportunities. We also encourage preventative and therapeutic complimentary solutions such as yoga, safe training and massage as well as physiotherapy and chiropractic care.


Will CoreChair allow me to burn calories while I sit?

“Sitting disease” has more to do with not moving than just sitting.

When you do not move, you do not burn calories and your metabolic system becomes challenged as it requires movement to regulate your glucose production and vascular reactivity. 

Calorie measuring is a very simple method to measure work. 

A recent Mayo Clinic Study found that passively sitting on a CoreChair at least resistance results in an increased caloric expenditure of 20% over sitting in a traditional chair that does not encourage movement.

When the user engages in specific exercises designed for use on the CoreChair, the user can expect caloric expenditure of 150% or similar to walking at approximately 2 mph. 

Mayo Clinic promotes its NEAT program (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and the fact that you don't have to engage in excessive exercise to burn calories but that subtle and continuous movement throughout the day, will result in the type of metabolic stimulation to enhance your bodily functions.


Will CoreChair really strengthen my core?

While the CoreChair is not as unstable as an exercise ball, it does engage your core stabilizing muscles very much on par according to a study conducted by the Dept of Kinesiology at University of Waterloo. 

When we collapse into a traditional chair, which may indeed feel comfortable, our core stabilizing muscles are too relaxed and tend to approach atrophy or muscle wasting. 

Continuous low level stimulation of these critical stabilizing soft tissues will definitely add to your core strength and you can expect a carry over affect to your other daily activities.


What is it like to sit in a CoreChair?

Reports arising from thousands of CoreChair users suggest that they feel:

  • More alert and productive throughout their work day.
  • Less stiffness in their hips and low back that they would normally experience when they stand up from a traditional chair after sitting for a period of time. 
  • More comfort under their sit bones and tail bone
  • Reduced upper back and neck pain
  • Less strain on their back when reaching


Will I get tired if I sit in CoreChair for too long?

Many people who have endured long periods of time on an exercise ball as a substitute for their office chair, will share that they feel fatigued over time. This is mostly due to the fact that in order to maintain an ideal sitting posture, they have to engage their core muscles at a high level, continuously.  This is exhausting and eventually fatigue sets in.

On the CoreChair, the pelvis is embraces and rendered in a neutral posture. This alleviates the need to over engage your core. This pivot point on a CoreChair is directly beneath your centre of balance. So with your pelvis and your thighs supported, and your feet stable on the ground, we have a very stable three point base of support.

Another misconception is that we might get tired from moving. In fact, when we don't move, and don't get optimized blood flow and the supply of oxygen and nutrients that accompanies this blood flow, that is exhausting.

When we assume a slumped sitting position, we also collapse our thoracic cavity that houses our critical internal organs. This in turn reduces what is known as our ‘vital capacity’ or the volume of air that we can pass through our lungs, which further affects oxygenation of our blood.


Why are there no armrests?

With arm rests most people have a tendency to introduce chronic leaning as part of their sitting habits. Arm rest dependency increases static lateral positioning of the spine and places unnecessary pressure on the forearm. 

CoreChair promotes more natural and balanced positioning of the spine. The resulting stability and supported position means there is no need for arm rests.


Why is the back so low?

CoreChair is designed to embrace the users pelvis in an engaged sitting position and is not intended to be a lounging chair.

When properly seated, users do not need a tall back. In fact, the upper portion of the tall back is not used by most users, except when reclining.

Sitting on a flat level surface with a flat back tends to promote slumping, where the pelvis tilts backward. 

Traditional chair designs introduce lumbar supports in an attempt to correct the resulting flattened low back. This only addresses the symptom of slumping whereas CoreChair’s pelvic stabilizer addresses the cause by supporting the pelvis and reducing the slumping and low back flattening.

Want to learn more? Contact us for copies of the studies completed by the University of Waterloo that speak to the positive postural benefits of CoreChair.

About CoreChair

Introduction to the CoreChair

Patrick's Story

With a degree in Kinesiology, the study of human body movement, Patrick has committed his personal life to an active and healthy lifestyle and pursued solutions to optimize this among others. 

                                                            Patrick Harrison on a Conference Call   Patrick Harrison Snowboarding 
Patrick's initial success was the development of a company that focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of specialized seating solutions for non ambulatory persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. Special Health Systems Ltd., was considered a leader in this field in North America as well as other global centers prior to the sale of this company in 1995 to US based Invacare Corporation. 
After the sale of this company, Patrick pursued many other entrepreneurial ventures that ranged from agricultural to philanthropic opportunities, but was drawn back to his passion to create solutions that would address physical challenges experienced by everyday people.
Patrick Harrison SHS
With the emerging awareness on the perils of sedentary lifestyle coupled with the musculoskeletal damage incurred by desk jockeys, Harrison was inspired by the number of persons who intuitively sought activity in their day at the office by taking an exercise ball to replace their traditional office chair.
Thus he began what became a 7 plus year project to create what is best described as a disruptive innovation by developing an active sitting chair that is now commercially known as CoreChair. 
                                                 Patrick Harrison Paddleboarding   Patrick Harrison IronMan  Patrick Harrison Surfing
Aware that human nature and the resistance to change is the biggest challenge that we all face, Patrick collaborated with Centers of Excellence such as the University of Waterloo, Mayo Clinic, Cornell University and others, to validate the efficacy of this design. 
In parallel, Patrick sought practical input from clinicians, health experts and everyday people to gain feedback on the design evolution to ensure a comfortable and effective solution. 
The result is a very high quality seating solution that challenges traditional doctrine of healthy workplace environments, with attention to detail on every day needs and value to those who use it. 

Our Core Design

The vision of CoreChair is to offer the world’s healthiest, ergonomic and therapeutic office chair. Paying little mind to convention or tradition, we chose to focus on you, the sitter. Our tech innovation focuses on optimal posture through core stabilization and movement that mobilizes key joints most affected by sitting. We made our seat highly sculpted to relieve pressure points, prevent sliding and deliver comfort. It works in conjunction with the low back, stabilizing the pelvis to optimize your sitting posture, reduce back pain and prevent slumping at your desk. Many of us are actively seeking therapeutic remedies to help reduce our back pain. Prolonged static sitting in traditional chairs (even high end ergonomic chairs) can result in uncomfortable back strain and lack of movement. Invest in your health with an innovative seating solution designed to harmonize your personal movement with your chair.




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