The CoreChair Development Journey Part 1: Design Inspiration

December 20, 2017

The CoreChair Development Journey Part 1: Design Inspiration

Most often great designs are inspired by people and facilitated by designers.
This certainly is the case with CoreChair.
A topic of conversation between games at a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, this team of myself, Ari and James, discussed how so many people seem to be taking an exercise ball to their office to replace their ergonomic office chair. As the conversation unfolded the consensus was that people know that they need to move. Clearly the ball is an excellent accessory in the gym and a valuable tool in the therapy department but not so good as an office chair. Wouldn't it be great if there was a chair that conformed to office activity in function and aesthetics that allowed for better postural positioning than a ball and movement to address this essential contribution to our general health? 
The idea was born and the 7.5-year journey of product development began.
With a Kinesiology background and extensive experience designing seating solutions for persons dependent on wheelchairs for their mobility, I took the lead with no shortage of inspirational ideas from Ari and James and in time, David and Ken.
While the concept seemed logical and straight forward we quickly respected the fact that not only was adjustment for fit to individuals an important consideration but also the need to achieve a personalized range of movement. 
The exercise ball generates movement by the simple fact that a ball rolls. From an engineering perspective, the movement that this creates is a point of pivot, at, or actually beneath the floor that it rests on. Our functional objective was to place the point of pivot immediately beneath the users’ center of sitting balance allowing for movement in all planes and effectively mobilizing the key joints of the hips, pelvis and spine. 
While the idea seemed simple we were later to learn that sometimes things become very complex to accomplish a simple solution. 
Prototype development began with very simple ball and socket/ trailer hitch function and then evolved to more sophisticated spring solutions and on to hydraulic driven complex designs before finally developing the patented solution that CoreChair employs to allow the user to move in a fluid motion up to 14 degrees in all directions. 


Every step of the process was a learning experience that took on a whole new perspective as we involved Toronto based professional engineering expertise from Inertia Engineering and material and mechanical testing through Exova Labs. 

Final concept designs required an incredible amount of detail that was aided by using CAD design software with computer generated modelling and finite element analysis to determine function, tolerance, economies of design and space.
Now with real world working prototypes we were ready to see if it achieved what we wanted it to.
Stay tuned for Part 2 of the journey.


Final concept designs required an incredible amount of detail that was aided by using CAD design software with computer generated modelling and finite element analysis to determine function, tolerance, economies of design and space.


Now with real world working prototypes we were ready to see if it achieved what we wanted it to.
Stay tuned for Part 2 of the journey.




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About CoreChair

Introduction to the CoreChair

Patrick's Story

With a degree in Kinesiology, the study of human body movement, Patrick has committed his personal life to an active and healthy lifestyle and pursued solutions to optimize this among others. 

                                                            Patrick Harrison on a Conference Call   Patrick Harrison Snowboarding 
Patrick's initial success was the development of a company that focused on the design, manufacture and distribution of specialized seating solutions for non ambulatory persons dependent on wheelchairs for mobility. Special Health Systems Ltd., was considered a leader in this field in North America as well as other global centers prior to the sale of this company in 1995 to US based Invacare Corporation. 
After the sale of this company, Patrick pursued many other entrepreneurial ventures that ranged from agricultural to philanthropic opportunities, but was drawn back to his passion to create solutions that would address physical challenges experienced by everyday people.
Patrick Harrison SHS
With the emerging awareness on the perils of sedentary lifestyle coupled with the musculoskeletal damage incurred by desk jockeys, Harrison was inspired by the number of persons who intuitively sought activity in their day at the office by taking an exercise ball to replace their traditional office chair.
Thus he began what became a 7 plus year project to create what is best described as a disruptive innovation by developing an active sitting chair that is now commercially known as CoreChair. 
                                                 Patrick Harrison Paddleboarding   Patrick Harrison IronMan  Patrick Harrison Surfing
Aware that human nature and the resistance to change is the biggest challenge that we all face, Patrick collaborated with Centers of Excellence such as the University of Waterloo, Mayo Clinic, Cornell University and others, to validate the efficacy of this design. 
In parallel, Patrick sought practical input from clinicians, health experts and everyday people to gain feedback on the design evolution to ensure a comfortable and effective solution. 
The result is a very high quality seating solution that challenges traditional doctrine of healthy workplace environments, with attention to detail on every day needs and value to those who use it. 

Our Core Design

The vision of CoreChair is to offer the world’s healthiest, ergonomic and therapeutic office chair. Paying little mind to convention or tradition, we chose to focus on you, the sitter. Our tech innovation focuses on optimal posture through core stabilization and movement that mobilizes key joints most affected by sitting. We made our seat highly sculpted to relieve pressure points, prevent sliding and deliver comfort. It works in conjunction with the low back, stabilizing the pelvis to optimize your sitting posture, reduce back pain and prevent slumping at your desk. Many of us are actively seeking therapeutic remedies to help reduce our back pain. Prolonged static sitting in traditional chairs (even high end ergonomic chairs) can result in uncomfortable back strain and lack of movement. Invest in your health with an innovative seating solution designed to harmonize your personal movement with your chair.




Our Strategic Partners

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