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My three golden rules are #1 Build Community, #2 Hydrate, #3 Move Your Butt.  I am thrilled that I can stay active and move my butt while sitting on a CoreChair. I love, love my CoreChair.

Sue B Zimmerman, The INSTAGRAM Expert

I am in Los Angeles, CA and my business is audio production. I have been enjoying my CoreChair for a couple years and it has been great for my health: making long hours of editing tolerable. It's also a way to exercise my core muscles. I am so glad I discovered the CoreChair and made the investment in a wonderful piece of technology. Thanks CoreChair!  

Aaron Meza, Amazon Ear Productions

@CoreChair I love this chair! It is the best chair I have EVER tried & that’ s a LOT of chairs. I sat in one at the #livethesmartwayEXPO. @CoreChair I loved how it hugged my lower back and I felt supported all ‘ round; buttocks, thighs, back pivoting ability


 I am very happy with the CoreChair! I am using it in my office since this is where I am sitting pretty long hours, and my back is much better since the chair is there. I am actually missing it during the weekends at home. Just yesterday, I had a n appointment with my Chirporactor. He was very satisfied about the progress I made and was impressed that my muscles are much better in balance than they used to be. The CoreChair has really improved my daily life.

Barbara- Weinheim, Germany

WE have been very happy with the CoreChair's. It has been beneficial for ergonomics and my colleague who has 20 years experience from the enginerring field said that his back pains disappeared when he started to use this chair. He had those for years before coming to work in Matricomp. We now have CoreChair for everyone here (3 people). Also, I am happy with your delivery and service. 100% positive feedback from us.

Antii- Keuruu, Finland

Why It Works

CoreChair is backed by years of science, constructed from the highest quality materials and rigorously tested.

Pelvic stabilizer hugs the top of your pelvis

Prevents slumping, optimizes sitting posture and minimizes back pain

Adjustable resistance

Allows for personalization of mobility

Adjustable seat to floor height

Sculpted seat, harmonizes with pelvic stabilizer

Relieves pressure points, prevents sliding, very comfortable

Core mechanism allows for fluid movement in all directions to 14 degrees

Engages your core and mobilizes key joints of the hips, pelvis and spine

Treaded base for foot support and comfort

CoreChair Inspiration

CoreChair was inspired by the increasing use of alternative seating like exercise balls in the workplace as a means of prevention against back pain and sedentary lifestyles. We knew intuitively that the right kind of movement is key to combatting the negative effects of prolonged sitting. 7 years of research and development with a continually growing list of completed studies by accredited institutions later, we are excited to offer you CoreChair.

When Your Passion Moves You…We’ve Got Your Back

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